Engineered Magnetics, Inc. has served the aerospace industry for over 40 years. Aircrafts all over the world today must perform in a flawless manner. EM contributes it's design and technology into these aircrafts to make the flights safe, dependable, and timely. Military aircraft demand perfect performance in harsh environments and split-second operations.

Engineered Magnetics, Inc. understands the requirements of high quality products. Our suppliers only provide us with top quality grade components, and we manufacture them right in the USA. We do not import/export out to other countries to manufacture for us.

When our products are used, they are supported for the lifetime of the program. That means, if there are any repair orders, we can overhaul and recondition whenever and get back to our customers in a timely fashion.

The aerospace industry is a very big business, it's moving forward to different horizons. Engineered Magnetics, Inc. is proud to be in partnership with all of its customers in flight.

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