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Our experience includes Reverse Engineering, Product Design improvement and technology impact study. EDELís Product Line, diverse and proliferated, through various weapon system consisting of the following five utilities:

1) ECS (Environmental Control System) consisting of temperature, pressure sensor instrumentation and electrical control.
2) FQIS (Fuel Quality Indicating System) including transmitter liquid quantity, low level sensors, fuel flow and indication and control.
3) PS&C (Power Supply, Power Conditioning Circuitry) consisting of voltage regulators.
4) B&P (Build to Print). EDEL also produces specific boxes, such as radar modules and associated electronics.
5) Miscellaneous

EDELís Product Line consists of over 400 National Stock Numbers and FAA PMA Certification.

EDELís goal is to support an aging aircraft platform, where production capabilities are diminished and or reliability of products does not meet MTBF (mean time between failure) expectation.

Due to our specialty, EDELís Engineering Department is equipped with state of the art investigating tools such as electron microscope, spectrum analyzers and complete environmental laboratory including vibration, humidity, pressure testing and all electrical parameter and standards.

Engineering Development Corporation (EDEL) cage 00QR4, OSV45 designs, develops, and manufactures sensors, avionics, and electrical hardware for military aircraftís, submarines, missiles, tanks and helicopters. EDEL's product line ranges from aircraft fuel management systems and fuel quantity transmitters to a variety of low level sensors, density compensators, special instrumentation, temperature sensors and electronic cockpit display systems.

Our experience includes the development and manufacture of thermocouple harnesses for jet engines, thermocouples for industrial purposes, total temperature sensors, transducers, and resistance temperature devices. Currently we are conducting extensive research and development to improve and upgrade the performance of these components and systems.

EDEL has been involved in the design, development, and production of a variety of aircraft instruments over the past several years. EDEL has successfully reverse engineered a number of aircraft instruments and sensors for military aircraft applications. This equipment has been successfully developed, completed qualification testing, produced in quantity, and delivered ahead of schedule.

EDEL's products are designed to maximize product ability thus providing a cost savings. Our design concepts are based on a selection of materials and processes that enhance the unit shelf life and increase reliability (MTBF). Qualification testing is conducted in accordance with applicable specification requirements prior to full scale production.

EDEL has experienced engineering and management teams with proven capability and significant achievements in the aerospace industry. Technical innovation and cost of ownership reduction is an integral part of EDEL's design philosophy. This is achieved by the strict adherence to our approved Statistical Process Control (SPC) plan.

EDEL is an approved manufacturer for all United States military branches. EDEL has performed on contracts for hardware production and equipment modification for the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard. EDEL is dedicated to the design, development and production of the highest quality product. To achieve this objective, we stress full compliance to the quality assurance provisions of each contract and strict adherence to applicable military specifications.

The EDEL quality assurance system is a fundamental control system influencing all aspects of program performance. The quality assurance systems is described in EDEL's quality manual. Our production quality assurance procedures are monitored by DCMOA El Segundo, CA, which is the responsible agency for EDEL and is cognizant of the current military contracts being produced by EDEL. EDEL's quality assurance methods and procedures comply with MIL-I-45208A standards and have traceability in accordance with MIL-Q-9858A and ISO 9000. The EDEL production facility is approved by all the QA review boards and DCAS-QAR.

EDEL has significant reverse engineering capabilities in the areas of primary control and sensing devices for military aircraft, ground support units, and missiles. The Military Guidelines for Reverse Engineering are implemented in the development of EDEL products.

EDEL has structured its facilities, equipment and personnel to meet the challenges of reverse engineering by building a team of engineers with a variety of disciplines and specialty equipment to assist in deciphering and characterizing sensors, electronic signals, and electromagnetic radiation and shielding. We employ scientific methods as diverse as spectrochemical analysis for material identification, radiographic inspection for hidden surfaces, and an electron microscope for X40K magnification to measure grain flow direction of metallic surfaces.

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